Ares Charitable Foundation

The Ares Charitable Foundation strategically invests in programming that aims to accelerate equality of economic opportunity for people globally. We address systemic challenges through transformative giving intended to improve individuals’ quality of life.

Our work is made possible through the generosity of individuals and Ares Management Corporation, which donates a portion of carried interest profits from select funds to the Foundation to align the firm’s investment activities with our societal impact.

Our Grants

Our grants build people's capacity to be change agents in their own life and in the lives of others, and concurrently catalyze our key stakeholders to give and get involved.

Mentor training a young man a new skill
Group of individuals brainstorming ideas
Man and his child happy sitting together

Ares in Motion ("AIM")

Ares employees volunteering to clean up a beach

AIM is our global employee engagement and volunteer program. Employees are empowered to volunteer and donate to the causes that matter to them most. Our charitable matching program augments those contributions to further the good those donations support.

Corporate Contributions

We give back where we do business, and where our team members live and work. When we leverage our resources for social good, we touch these communities – and people’s lives – in appreciable ways.

Group of ethnic individuals

Relief Efforts Program

A road that has been destroyed by an earthquake

Offers Ares team members an opportunity to aid disaster relief, prevention and education, and armed services support efforts in the United States and around the world.

Charity Partners